Monday, November 9, 2009

A Pithy Portmanteau!

I remember it distinctly, the name "Mutanimals" just hit me one day, out of the blue, and I decided to develop a concept around this ( what I thought was a catchy) portmanteau. The premise would be simple, a mutant animal group whose mission it was to save the planet from mankind. I then set about the task of picking the team members and designing the logo at which time I added the "Mighty". Upon completion and with these in hand I then ran the whole thing by my compadre Stephen Murphy who responded with whole-hearted, enthusiastic gusto. And while Murph thought the team was strong he suggested adding two more members. Jagwar was the first of the two with Murph creating him as a sort of a lord of the rainforest. I suggested a tasmanian wolf which Murph christened "Dreadmon".

With all our ducks in a row now, we then began to weave the story of the mighty mutanimals into the rich, resplendent tapestry of the TMNT Adventures title.

Art above courtesy of Fernando leon Gonzalez!