Sunday, February 13, 2011

Down The Toilet

At the time, I remember a rash of news stories that had to do with new home construction on old waste dumps.
Great idea, huh?
The toxic fumes were collecting in the houses and all kinds of creeping crud was seeping up out of the ground into people's basements and walls.

Well, with this inspiration, Plunger the plumber was born.

A discarded Archie Adventures idea gets thrown into the Mutanimals mix.

Quoting from the Mutanimals animation bible:

"A plumber, Mr. Bradley Martin, is exposed to a thick and putrid orange slime while working on a new housing development that has been built on an old toxic waste dump. The result is a mutated super crook.

Plunger's showerhead swivels to spray polluted toilet water, slime and ooze at his opponents. He drives an attack/assault plumber's van full of a variety pollution-creating equipment. Plunger is always cackling and giggling and his faucet nose is constantly dripping."


I also re-colored Wyrm like the Archie Adventures one.

Just for fun.