Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mutanimals The Animated Series!

Back in 1992 the Mutanimals were being shopped around by Mirage as a spin-off of the turtles. Ruby-Spears showed some interest, so an animation bible was produced along with a style guide of all the characters, environs and vehicles by animation artist Victor Dal Chele. Plot synopses for the first season were completed, with the 13 episodes centered around the Mutanimals' efforts to combat an invasion by Maligna.

All the regular cast of the Mutanimals make the transition, although they were redesigned - streamlined you might say - to accommodate budgetary restrictions in the animation process.

Krang makes the jump from the TMNT universe to become the main villain and friend of Maligna. A host of villains both new and old are on board to help keep the Mutanimals on their toes.

Of note, you will be pleased to hear, the Mutanimals get a new member: Ninjara joins the group.

The Turtles guest star in the first 4 episodes.

In Episode 9 the Mutanimals go to Dimension X to meet Cudley the Cowlick. How's that for cool?

Above you'll find the animation drawings from the show's style guide of Jagwar and the villain, Executor.