Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mutanimals Night Shift

Above we have animation designs for that dynamic duo, Wingnut and Screwloose.

The Death's-head moth mutant is from Dimension X's Mothro Galaxy. His name is Lunawing and he has been ordered to Earth by Maligna, who plans on utilizing this looney, nocturnal nemesis to work the night shift in Earth's destruction. Lunawing has the ability, if he so chooses, to bring life or death by encasing a being within a cocoon
of sewn supernatural silk .

One interesting thing I've always heard from fans of Wingnut is how inspired they are by his story.

As a young bat boy Wingnut was keenly aware that he was different from other bat people physically.
Enduring painful teasing, rude remarks and name calling from the fellow bat children gave him a poor self-image.
But over time, and with the help of his prosthetic wings, he overcame his physical handicap to become a true superhero. This, it seems, is what has endeared a multitude of fans to the alien bat man.

All this from a comic book character. Cool.