Thursday, July 14, 2011

Start From Scratch

This is an Archie proposal from back in the early 90's that never came to be. I may have also written it for the Turtle magazine.

" You scratch my mutant, I'll scratch yours."

The cat is out of the bag. In the cat-acombs deep beneath a New York City cat-hedral evil alley cat Scratch is creating an army of mutants with his newly commandeered Mutant Manufacturing Machine.

The felonious fiend and his gang of mutants have a plan to rule as undisputed kings of New York's city streets but the only thing standing in their way are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So, as a diversion, the foul feline sends his mutant rats to rob the Chinese Cheese Emporium and while the turtles are busy with the rat burglars, Scratch has Splinter captured and brought to his lair.

Following the robbery the turtles, shocked at the site of other rat-men like their beloved sensei, tail the mutant rodents back to the crummy kitty's hideout and discover their cat-atonic sensei. The turtles attack.

As the teens battle the mutated rodent army, Splinter, having regained consciousness, destroys the mutant maker but not before Scratch's newest mutant Silverfist is created and joins the conflict.

Scratch is in-fur-iated and makes a break for it but Splinter gives chase.

It's a game of cat and mouse until Splinter finally corners Scratch high on the catwalks above one of the stages in New York's Theatre District.

As rat clashes with cat, the mutant rodent-men, climbing to the aid of their feline master, close in for the kill.

But Splinter, melding his mind with their collective rat consciousness, stops them dead in their tracks.

Scratch, furry-ous that he has been beaten by a rat , vows his revenge & slides down a curtain to escape into a stage full of actors dressed in cat costumes.

With their leader gone and Splinter's psychic grip terminated, the rat-men, disorientated, panic and run away.


Some time later we find Scratch's mutant rats wandering aimlessly through the sewers, lost, confused and leaderless.

Suddenly a figure steps out from the shadows. "My children" says the Rat King.
"Come, follow me. I believe I can be of service to you".

And they all disappear together into the darkness.